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Meet our partners


The idea of the „I LIVE CONSCIOUSLY” CAMPAIGN is acting for health awareness of the society. We broaden knowledge by teaching about healthy habits and health prophylaxis actively . We believe that it is better to prevent than treat! Incredible people, associations and companies are partners of our campaign. All of them are driven by care for good of others and they act actively for better tomorrow - full of health and joy. We believe that we can achieve more together! Together, we bet on prophylaxis, promoting healthy habits and care of mental health. We are aware how important is the balance that is why we approach human comprehensively.
Meet our partners and balance, that is change health awareness of the society together with them !

Momentum Way
Mercedes-Benz Sobiesław Zasada Automotive

Media Partner

Harmonia Magazine
'Aktualności Medyczne' (Medical News)

Partner of contents

Polish Federation of Manufacturers and Distributors of Supplements
Polish Chamber of Herbs
Institute of Preventive Medicine


Blood - ties
„WE ARE CLOSE” Foundation
Mistral Sports Club