Be with us at this wonderful event

What is Healthy Day?

Healthy Day is a unique all-day event organized by the World Healthy Living Foundation once a year. The event brings together all enthusiasts of a healthy lifestyle, promotes taking care of health, proper nutrition and maintaining proper physical fitness in a responsible manner.

With the support of the best experts of the Social Campaign "I Live Consciously" and practitioners of knowledge about health and quality of life in both practical and theoretical way, participants receive tips on how to shape supportive habits for maintaining health.

Healthy Day is:

  • theoretical lectures and practical expert advice on how to apply the 5S Strategy on a daily basis. Our health and life depend on us.
  • Metings with authors of healthy cooking guides.
  • Stands with books on healthy lifestyles.
  • Practical classes run by personal trainers and relaxation methods experts.
  • Experience of energy, enthusiasm and at the same time deep relaxation.