I Live Consciously. Public service campaign

Learn more about the social campaign 'I Live Consciously'

The idea of the 'I Live Consciously' campaign

The European Social Campaign "I Live Consciously" is a social movement implemented by the World Healthy Living Foundation. In the project, we want to share with you not only purely scientific knowledge, but also to shape the right behavior patterns and influence the positive reception of the world. In our projects, "health" and "conscious life" is realized through a holistic approach to human life, in which the inseparable elements are a positive attitude to reality and the ability to introduce into your life the principles through which you can live a long, healthy and happy life.

Objectives and areas of the "I Live Consciously" campaign

  • Spreading knowledge, social education and promoting a conscious lifestyle.
  • Searching for optimal solutions that are in harmony with nature and consolidate the belief that our health and life depends only on us.
  • As part of the Campaign, lectures on medicine and natural body support are conducted.
  • Expanding knowledge by teaching about healthy habits and anti-disease prevention.
  • Increasing public awareness about the causes of civilization diseases and the need to change lifestyle.
  • Reduction in morbidity, especially among children and adolescents.
Active action for public health awareness! We believe that prevention is better than cure! Together, we focus on spreading healthy habits and caring for mental health. We are aware of the importance of balance, which is why we approach people holistically.

dr h. c. Piotr Kardasz

The effect of intestinal microflora on human development, physiology and health as well as natural homeostasis stabilization factors.


Bożena Schleicher

Longevity in health - learn about the potential of nutrition in cancer prevention.


dr n. med Maria Bortel -Badura

Proper immunity is the way to our health

Potęga pożywienia

Bożena Schleicher

The power of food - We are what we eat

Zdrowy kręgosłup

Alicja Sójka

Healthy spine. Does food matter?


Alicja Sójka

Thyroid - are these just hormones?


dr n. med Maria Bortel -Badura

Diabetes - the scourge of our time

Strategia 5 Elementów

Krzysztof Mencel

Recipe for health - the 5 Elements Strategy

Wychodź zdrowie

Nikodem Finke

Go out your health

Konferencja Zdrowia

dr h.c. Piotr Kardasz

Health Conference - Prevention is an effective key to health (and well-being)


dr n. med Maria Bortel -Badura

Lyme disease - a silent epidemic


Krzysztof Mencel

Psychosomatics and the role of stress in the emergence of diseases


Alicja Sójka

Cancer Prevention - Know, Understand, Prevent

Motywacja do dbania o zdrowie

Natalia Rybarczyk

How to find motivation to take care of health?

Strategia 5s

dr h.c. Piotr Kardasz

Small changes, big effects - learn the 5S strategy


Alicja Sójka

What "bites" you from the inside? - how to get rid of parasites.

The presented directions of pro-health activities can contribute to the improvement of health, and certainly to increase awareness among the public about the causes of civilization diseases and the need to change lifestyle, which results in a reduction in morbidity, especially among adolescents and children. Therefore, we warmly invite you to participate. New lecture topics are constantly being created, and collaboration with new experts is being established. Currently, conferences are taking place not only in Poland but also abroad. It was already possible to participate in our Conferences in Great Britain, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, France and even outside Europe - in Kazakhstan. We are developing for you because health is not a state but a continuous process!