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Ambassadors of the Social Campaign 'I Live Consciously'

Who is an Ambassador?

The title of an Ambassador of I Live Consciously Campaign is a prestigious distinction granted to outstanding personalities and organisations from the field of sports, medicine, science and culture, as well as to those who are exceptionally committed to actions for the benefit of local communities, enjoying social recognition and authority.

The aim of the "I Live Consciously" Campaign is to activate society to take action and change its habits for physical and mental health. Organizing activities that promote lifestyles based on the 5 pillars of the 5S health strategy.

Read our Code and Manifesto. If the goals and activities of the "I Live Consciously" Social Campaign are close to you and your activities influence many people around you, you can join the Foundation and become our Ambassador. To do so, please fill out the form below and write us how you could support the Social Campaign "I Live Consciously".