Krzysztof Wiśniewski, sportsman

Involved in sport from an early childhood. As a six-year-old boy, he started training swimming but after some time he wanted to try football. Unfortunately, neither was he very successful in swimming nor in football,. After he changed school, he took trainings in the athletics section at the primary school, which had to be completed before getting to a secondary school. At that moment, the search for a new discipline began. At his sister’s suggestion he went  to Taekwondo training in 1999 for the first time. Since that day, taekwondo has become a hobby and a life passion, to which he added kickboxing. He has two titles of Taekwondo World Champion (black belts) - Wales 2005; England 2007

European vice-champion (black belts) - Switzerland 2006. He is a multiple Polish Champion of Taekwondo and Kickboxing and a former Polish representative of Taekwondo and Kickboxing. Holder of II DAN Taekwondo and II DAN Kickboxing master degrees. He wanted to inspire others with his passion. He became a graduate of the University of Physical Education in Katowice, where he received pedagogical education - a physical education teacher with a specialisation in corrective gymnastics. He has completed many courses and is still gaining new qualifications. Founder, president and head coach at the Mistral Sport Club, where he presents his knowledge and experience to the youngest adepts.

His life motto is: "In life you can achieve everything you dream about. The only obstacle that stands in your way is your own imagination".

The mission is: To help children and young people find passion for sport and to help them achieve success in their private and 
professional life.