President of the Częstochowa Association of Amazons
Elżbieta Markowska

She has been a social worker for many years, she was, among others, section leader of the Polish Scouting Association, the Chairman of the Polish Fashion Trade Unions in Wałbrzych, the Chairwoman of the Adler Poland Employee Council. Since 2005 she has been a member and President of the Częstochowa Amazons Association. She is the originator and organiser of the first Pink Ribbon March in Częstochowa, which was connected with Campaign and preventive medicine. She also supervises the organisation of the National Pilgrimage of Amazons to Jasna Góra. She also runs the Senior Activity Centre in Częstochowa, which task is to coordinate activities for the benefit of seniors and the active living for older people.

Her life mission is selfless help to others.