a Coach and business coach laughter yogi
Agnieszka Szotek

Coach and business trainer, laughter yogi, facilitator of FreshBiz ™, consultant and business mentor, translator, entrepreneur. Member of the Coaching Chamber. Member of the board of the IMARS Institute. She mainly deals with business coaching and managerial staff, uses different approaches and techniques. She conducts workshops on the development of entrepreneurship and quantum thinking (including using the FreshBiz game - an extremely effective tool), management of emotions and stress, self-management in time, financial management, sales and effective and efficient communication.


During her many years of work in consulting, she noticed that before she could heal a company or an organisation, the first thing that should be healed is: a way of thinking, habits and also it is necessary to broaden horizons and knowledge. The change must first occur at the level of beliefs, strategy and planning behaviours and the way of business thinking of members of a given organisation.


She believes that life does not have to be difficult, even if we face enormous challenges. She loves to laugh and teaches people not only that they can be happy regardless of the situation, but also how to pursue their dreams. Effectiveness in the implementation of a change, objectives and the pace with which the process is imposed are also the unique advantages of a provocative approach -  full of humour and great kindness to people - that she also applies in her work.


By education she is an economist with specialisation in finance, IT, real estate and coaching. She learns from the best recognised world and Polish coaches like Richard Bolstad, Jorgen Rasmussen, Brian Kaplan, Jaap Hollander, Lucas Derks, Andrew Austin, Tomasz Kowalik and many others.

She is a vegetarian, loves to meditate and read books, loves walks and horses, these living and mechanical ones, and above all she loves to work with people and support their development and adaptation to the changes "With a sense of humour and laughter, we are more effective and happier in life and business."